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If you are looking for an instant personal loan in India, then there are a lot of options for you to choose from. You can find lenders such as Paysense and Navi Finserv.



  • Loan amount Rs 10,000 - Rs50 lakhs
  • Interest rate -
  • Tenure Range 2 - 36 months


  • Loan amount Rs 3,000 - Rs 5 lakh
  • Interest rate 1.08% p.m. or 36% p.a.
  • Tenure Range 2 - 36 months


  • Loan amount Rs 500 - Rs 20,000
  • Interest rate 1% to 6% per month
  • Tenure Range 2 - 3 months


  • Loan amount Rs 1,000 - Rs 40,000
  • Interest rate 1,4% - 2,3% a month
  • Tenure Range 3 - 18 months


  • Loan amount Rs 1,000 to Rs 3 lakh
  • Interest rate Up to 29.95% p.a.
  • Tenure Range 2 - 24 months


  • Loan amount Rs 10,000 - Rs 20 Lakhs
  • Interest rate 9.9% p.a.
  • Tenure Range 3 - 72 months


  • Loan amount Up to Rs 1 lakh
  • Interest rate 18% - 25%
  • Tenure Range 3 - 24 months


  • Loan amount Rs 1,500 - Rs 60,000
  • Interest rate 25.55% p.a. onwards
  • Tenure Range 3 - 6 months


  • Loan amount Up to Rs 7.5 lakh
  • Interest rate 18.00% p.a.
  • Tenure Range 1 - 4 years


  • Loan amount Up to Rs 25 lakh
  • Interest rate 11 - 18 % p.a.
  • Tenure Range Up to 5 - 7 years


  • Loan amount Up to Rs 25L
  • Interest rate 11.99% - 25.00% p.a.
  • Tenure Range 1 - 5 years

Instant Personal Loan app makes obtaining an instant personal loan a simple and hassle-free affair. Users can apply for an instant loan online from the comfort of their home or office. If they choose to do so, they can avail a loan of up to Rs. 1.5 lakh. And with a minimum tenure of six months to 24 months, applicants have ample time to pay it off. Aside from its instant personal loan service, lenders also provides other services including unsecured business loans, consumer finance, and commercial lending. In fact, the entire process of obtaining an instant personal loan is streamlined and hassle-free.

Instant loans make sense for weddings

Using instant loans to pay for your wedding can save you some headaches. It can help relieve some of the pressure and keep you from getting into credit card debt. But using a loan to pay for your big day isn’t the only way to finance your nuptials.

Choosing a lender that offers a low interest rate can mean saving thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies to choose from. Those looking for the lowest possible interest rates can also look into home equity loans.

If you are going to go the loan route, you should consider the various features offered by different companies. Look for terms and repayment terms that make it easy to fit your loan into your monthly budget.

One of the best ways to determine what type of loan you need is to use a calculator. Several lenders offer free online tools to help you figure out just how much money you need.

For example, you should look into whether or not a lender offers a pre-qualification process. Some will deposit funds in as little as 24 hours.

Having a better grasp of the various loan offerings is a good first step in financing your wedding. A lender may want to know more about your credit history, income, and other relevant information before you commit.

As with any other financial transaction, it’s important to be upfront about your needs before committing to a lender. Remember that you may have other goals beyond the wedding. Your financial plans could involve selling unwanted items or starting a side gig.

The best wedding loans are those that allow you to repay the loan with minimal stress. Generally, lenders will offer a range of loan amounts and repayment terms, from three to five years. You should also consider the fees and interest charges before you sign on the dotted line.


PaySense instant personal loan is one of the easiest ways to borrow money online. It is also considered a good alternative to other traditional forms of loans. You can apply for a loan using the App or through the website. Using the app is more convenient because you can get the money instantly.

You’ll be prompted to register and provide some basic information. For instance, you’ll need to have an active internet banking account. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create a new one. Then, you’ll need to provide a mobile number.

Next, you’ll want to select a loan amount. You can choose between a short-term, long-term, and a line of credit. Depending on the amount you’re looking to borrow, you’ll be able to pay your EMIs over a period of anywhere from three to 60 months.

In addition, you’ll be asked to sign an auto-debit form. This allows PaySense to automatically deduct the EMIs from your bank account. If you miss a payment, however, you’ll be charged a penalty.

PaySense also offers reminders. In addition, you’ll be able to make a student loan repayment through your UPI (unique payment interface) account.

Navi Finserv offers a variety of loans, both unsecured and secured. These loans are designed for middle income families, as well as those looking for financial help for a more urgent need. The company has built a reputation for offering a paperless and user-friendly loan process.

To qualify for a loan, borrowers need to have a bank account, a valid Aadhaar number, and a good credit score. It takes just 10 minutes for a borrower to receive an instant loan amount in their account.

Navi Finserv also offers other services, such as mutual funds and insurance. There are a variety of loans available, including loans against property. Among these, Navi’s Instant Personal Loan is a good choice for a small amount, as it requires minimal documents to complete.

Applicants can choose from a variety of interest rates. Rates are based on several factors, including a borrower’s credit history and loan repayment track record. Those with a good credit score are eligible for interest rates as low as 6.5 percent, while a customer with a poor credit rating will face a higher rate.


ZestMoney is a platform that offers instant personal loans in India. The platform helps users apply for a loan in just three simple steps. All borrowers must complete a KYC document, sign up, and update their basic personal information.

When applicants submit their application, ZestMoney analyzes their credit profile and assigns them a credit limit. Customers can then choose between three to twelve month EMI options.

Lender also offers automatic recurring repayments. This ensures timely payments.

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